Cabled Ocean Observatory System

The cabled ocean observatory system is a seabed oceanographic observatory connecting a shore station to an undersea node with power and data-transfer capabilities. This node allow us to create a net of sensors providing data from the bottom to the upper layer of the water column. Thus, scientists have the possibility to deploy, recover and redeploy the registered sensors in order to receive insitu observations in near real time for long with the maximum possible sample size.

ARGO Floats

The name Argo was chosen to emphasize the strong complementary relationship of the global float array with the Jason1 and Jason2 satellite altimeter mission in order to observe the climatology of the air-sea interaction. In Greek mythology Jason sailed in a ship called "Argo" to capture the golden fleece. Together the Argo and Jason data sets will be assimilated into computer models developed by project GODAE (Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment) that will allow a test of our ability to forecast ocean climate.


The HF radar is a shore-based radar covering a wide range of the sea surface and mainly monitoring surface waves and currents of the ocean providing in high spatiotemporal resolution data. In any case, HF radar is a low cost instrument not only by the maintenance but also by the operation.

Tide Gauge

Tide gauge is an oceanographic instrument measuring changes of the sea level. Changes of the sea level play an important role in our environment changes especially at the coastal zone. Tide gauges are an important tool in order to determine trends in mean sea level and extreme conditions, which are linked to the climate change, tidal computation, geodetic applications, harbour operations and navigation. Thus, continuous monitoring of sea level changes is necessary.

Marine land-based facility for testing and marine engineering

The Laboratory of Ship & Marine Hydrodynamics at the National Technical University of Athens belongs to the Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. The Ship Model Towing Tank of the Laboratory, measuring 100 m x 5 m x 3,5 m, is unique in Greece and operational since 1979 at the Zographos campus. τhe Laboratory is a founding member of Hellas Lab (member of EuroLab), a member of the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) and is ISO 9002 certified (Member ITTC, HELLAS LAB, ISO 9002).