The Hydrology team is involved in the installation and operation of tele-hydrometric networks since 1998, during the implementations of the TELEFLEUR and DEUKALION projects. In the current project, the team will re-evaluate the existing tele-hydrometric network of DEUKALION and will identify the needs for its upgrade and expansion. Certain of the existing water level-measuring stations will be moved to new locations and suitable locations for installing additional stations will be identified, taking into account the reports of NTUA on the country's most important watercourses and their monitoring needs. An advanced method of discharge estimation through velocity sampling will be developed that will be based on a probabilistic flow theory (entropy theory).

Automatic water-flow monitoring stations will be installed at suitably selected cross-sections, which, depending on the method of measurement, are distinguished in supersonic pulse radar (commercial and own-made) and piezometric stations. A station measuring directly flow rate (Doppler radar) will also be installed. The stations will operate transmitting monitoring data telemetrically, either on a daily basis (via mobile telephony), or on a 10-minute (internet) basis, to the project's electronic platform. Some of the stations will be equipped additionally with cameras for recording the stream bed under flooding conditions and with rain gauges. The collected data will update the database, where they will be subjected to automatic quality control, and will also be maintained in the HYDRO-NET database. Through the platform and through its imaging and processing system that will be developed, the data will be freely available in a simple and comprehensible form to interested parties.