The calibration facilities include a fully equipped Laboratory with a special designed large calibration tank, two smaller glass tanks and a number of reference sensors and equipment for temperature, salinity, chlorophyll-a, turbidity and dissolved oxygen sensors calibration.

The calibration laboratory belongs to the Institute of Oceanography, department of ocean observatory, at the HCMR in Crete and it can be used for calibration of sensors (temperature, salinity, chl-a, turbidity, dissolved oxygen). More specifically, a variety of sensors are used in order to monitor the measurement parameters inside the calibration tanks during the experiments.

The support team consists of the HCMR technicians and scientists who regularly prepare the instrumentation, perform field experiments, service and maintain the instruments and assist the users during the experiments in the calibration facility.

Requests for calibration services must be made at least one month in advance.

Detailed information for the calibration laboratory is available at the following link: