FerryBox is an operational method to continuously measure physical, chemical and biological parameters on board of ships-of-opportunity. FerryBox is a through-flow system installed on board of a ship-of-opportunity (ferry, cargo ship or research vessel) providing data of important marine parameters in near real time. The sensors installed offer the opportunity to measure salinity, temperature, pH, CO2, and dissolved oxygen.

A FerryBox system is triggered by the position of the ship, and closed just before harbor entrances to prevent pollution of the system. A flushing system enables cleaning of the system and prevents biofouling during stay in a harbor. Data obtained are stored in a computer whereas satellite connection enables sending data to the respective institute and control the management of the system.

A Ferrybox system operated for the first time in the Mediterranean, on the route connecting the ports of Piraeus (Athens) and Heraklion onboard Faistos palace. In the framework of the national project HIMIOFoTs, one more Ferrybox has been planned to be installed.

Detailed information of the ferrybox community is available at the following link: www.ferrybox.org