Fixed moorings is an oceanographic onshore or offshore platform. A fixed mooring consists of steel wire or synthetic rope which holds the registered sensors and associated with one or more buoys to provide sufficient buoyancy to keep the mooring upright.

The Institute of Oceanography, HCMR has already five fixed offshore platforms, one close to region of Pylos, one at the region of Athos in the North Aegean Sea, one close to the island Mykonos, one at the region of Saronikos Gulf and one in the Cretan Sea. Each fixed platform has different kind of sensors at different depths providing atmospheric data (e.g. atmospheric air) and marine data in the whole water column (e.g. Sea temperature, salinity, sea currents, dissolved oxygen). The important role of fixed platforms lies in the use of data from a wide range of users not only from the scientific community but also from the productive sector. More specifically, the use of data from fixed platforms can be made either by private companies or by local public sectors that contribute to the management and protection of the marine environment, as well as to the study of physical phenomena. Data are transferred from the fixed platform through satellite to the data center of HCMR on a daily basis and later on to the users. Users have free access to the data.

The Institute of Oceanography, HCMR, department of the operational oceanography spreads data from fixed platforms to the European community of the operational oceanography through the Copernicus programme.

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